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First Day of Fall, 3rd Quarter Issue #001
September 24, 2014

First day of fall and what unique gifts to give???

Unique gifts can come in many ways. They can come in the form of unique home decor, or other home or garden decorative gift. Giving on behalf of somebody which can make it very special. Giving a gift for yourself to enjoy for yourself and the traditional giving to others.

Which ever the case, our first seasonal ezine, at Geri's Specialty Gifts this fall-ezine-2014 will illustrate creative trends and ideas in the fall.

The colors...

Yeah it's obvious but just in case theirs your reds, oranges, yellows, gradients of greens & browns.

I'm thinking these can show up on a personal gift more than any other type of gifts. Gifts wrapping may be the first part. And second fall gift baskets and flowers are popular.

Now how to make the everyday unique. The use of fabric as gift wrap, small brass colored pins to keep it together and as the bow fall colored feathers, leaves, and jewels to top it off. A masculine interpretation of this type of grass may be a fisherman themed gift wrap.

Unique on the fall gift baskets could be a pear gift basket on a bed of fall leaves. This display can go like this: A rustic basket, fall leaves, and beautiful Pears. You can color coordinate the basket or make them different colors.

Flower arrangements: How about exotic tropical flowers in fall colors. Or Fall flower balls you can hang around the house or in a bowl instead of flower arrangements. A unique flower arrangement would be to have a half of a fall flower ball to mount on a wall. Set them up in three in a row and it's a unique way to display a flower bouquet.

It's not over yet!

Check out what The styles, what's unique, what's original and more for this season on our website.


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Especially our wonderful Christmas trees page.

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Written By Stephanie Thomas
Geri's Specialty Gifts Inc.

© copyright 2014
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