All In One Makeup

Go Natural - All in One Cosmetic

8 Cosmetics in One & One Shade For All. They call it " Magic Powder."

Retail Price: $42.95

I wasn’t searching for all in one makeup when I was looking for beauty product for the Christmas season but this came across my eye and I thought it was neat. I thought, this is a makeup for visitors who like to look natural and fresh.

As I said looking at hundreds of products, some unfamiliar (and Go Natural was one of them) and passing by the rest which had heavy oils and artificial ingredients, that in time are harmful to skin rather than beneficial. I also took into consideration that this all in one makeup would be more simple, more excess makeup to wreck your clothes, and beneficial to skin.

Go Natural has been used by women all over the world. All age groups, skin types, and it's hypoallergenic.

When I think of this product I was thinking of my visitors who want natural, holistic skin care. Could I say it's like the serum that you bought that will make a person look younger? No, but it is concealer of flaws and wrinkles.

So if you want structural changes in the skin, try day spas. A quick and easy coverup that dose the job “Go Natural”, the all in one makeup is recommended.

Some words from "Go Natural".

What Is "Go-Natural"?
*************************** "Go-Natural"... All-In-One Formula ... a Salon Quality pressed powder developed to adjust to all skin tones for true natural color, blend away imperfections all while functioning as up to 8 cosmetics ... all from the 1 single product. The revolutionary system developed to produce complete, one-step, natural, beautiful results .. instantly ... all-in-one step. Compact ... Convenient ... Easy to Use ... One Product, guaranteed to save time ... save money ... and produce results, beyond expectations ... Quick ... Easy ... Simply Beautiful ...


What YOU GET –- Compact, brush, lip applicator … and FREE Deluxe Brush

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How Do I apply Go Natural
*************************** Go Natural ® … Oil free - Fragrance free face powder … apply with brush. For best results use a large full brush. All-In-One Blush, Foundation, Eye Shadow, Concealor, Hilight, brow and lip color … as easy as 1 2 3… Apply just 1-3 dabs of the “Go Natural”® powder to the “Go-Natural”® applicator Brush (see Free Gift Offer) IMPORTANT - Very little is needed ... start with less you can always apply more. Amount will vary depending on you skin tones, and the desired look. 1) Brush over cheek bone several times (8-10 times) 2) Brush over eye lid area several times (8-10 times) 3) Brush all over the entire 1 side of you face….forehead, nose, entire cheek, jaw line. Pay special attention to imperfections such as under eye circles, red areas, age and sun spots, acne. REPEAT ON OTHER SIDE OF FACE.

- Go Natural Inc 1999-2009

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