Garden Trellis Ideas are fun...

Mixing these garden trellis ideas with bonsai trees, garden water fountains and sculptures to name a few could incorporate with growing plants and vines growing in your garden.

You are reading the second article on trellis with other things for the garden. If you want to see a variety of unique garden trellis go to this first article to get ideas. Then come back here to match other trellis with other things for the garden.

I'll be describing ideas and giving visuals on how these object can work on a type of trellis. The point is to create a design schemes that tasteful, balanced giving a feeling of relaxation which is what should be in any yard.

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Bonsai Trees with Trellis.

A bonsai  or two can be a centerpiece to this open air entrance trellis (like the one on the left) that lead to the yard.

The open air entrance facing the yard has no walls windows or doors; if it dose it's on the side as illustrated but lead directly to the back yard.

Here are more garden trellis ideas involving the use the bonsai.  This bonsai can be a part of shaded patio with two of of these Lloyd Wright flower trellis on each side of the bonsai tree.

Find climbing vines that relate. Asian species of flowering climbing plants preferably vines not too difficult to care for so you can enjoy the display you created.

Garden water fountains with Trellis.

This also is very Asian inspired but you can use any theme you want in your own yard. South western theme, Fairy tale themed, from contemporary design or traditional. Whatever the theme is you can match garden trellis ideas and items like garden water fountains to create beauty in your garden.

I think this water fountain works well with this bamboo trellis. plants adds a feel of comfy and cools off the area. Entering with the natural feel of an oriental garden.

These can be featured for indoor gardens. Perhaps in the foyer welcoming you with a living centerpiece of nature and architecture.

Living Walls with Trellis.

Any theme is applicable. You can hire a landscaper who has a good design eye.

Some like the trellis design alone to create shape and sophistication others so their favorite vines can climb and beautify the garden.

Something new. Unique garden trellis with living walls. What is a living wall you might ask. It's a vertical garden you can hang on any wall which can be hanged indoors or out doors. Out door living walls  can be with trellis or even hanged on garden trellis.

Whatever your preference the use of garden trellis ideas are fun and exiting way to bring out the best from your indoor or outdoor space.

Next will be example of people who use interior decorating ideas with garden trellis. A unique twist to home decor a trellis can be used more than for plants.

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