This is Not some Work at Home Business Opportunity!

It's Infinitely More Than a work at home business opportunity! The Creation Behind Geri's Specialty Gifts...

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Before I  tell you of this great work at home business opportunity. I'll tell about us.  The idea of Geri's Specialty Gifts was meant to be just a small vendor stall selling specialty items & gifts. As well as looking for viable work at home business opportunity to fund the business. At least that was the original plan anyway. However living in New York City has posed a constant legal challenge and SOO MUCH START UP MONEY.

It took more than 10 years of trial & error until my recent success. Why I didn't give up? My insatiable desire to realize my dream of financial independence. It wasn't about making lots of money(though I can now) it was about being able to have my own time my own hours.

I tell you. I don't want you to make the same mistake I've made in making money. You will be shown how in less than a year & $300 you could be relaxing on your way to your success instead of breaking your neck for 10 years like I did.

Some friendly Advice before you take on any business/work at home business opportunity. was a year of joyful preparation in the making. This money making & work at home opportunity adventure has turned into an online community building trading post of my niche, unique gifts & unique gift ideas. may be a long name but it describes a long term goal. Community based input of ideas & services. Surprisingly for me it has been fun. And the implications for further success are huge when it's done right.

Planning is everything weather a business or a work at home business opportunity. At our site we are implementing many ideas that were planned over the past year, including eventually the online store.

Nevertheless online stores are not the only way to get income from a web site. I implore you if you are thinking about opening a business or getting into work at home business opportunity look for information not money.

When I started looking for information that's when it all came together for the better at Geri's Specialty Gifts. Things like “Do you have a viable niche to profit on the net?” and “What do your customers like on the internet?” is not the same as location location location; this will save you years of aggravation.

Our ten years of Research & Craziness...

We went to SBA – Small Business Administration; to get loans from banks we either had bad credit or insufficient credit history. But mind you I learned a lot from them & from my knowledge base. I came to the conclusions that:

1) We have too little money to open a vendor cart let alone open a store front.

2) Knowledge is more important to attain for a business than getting cash. Thousands in debt I realized throwing money at it solves nothing!

3) We have a computer. Doing business online is the best work at home business opportunity which requires much less start up money.

So here we are... Though obtaining a computer was easy making money from it was not. But I needed to change my mentality about business. Business is meant to serve people not to go after money. “What do you mean about that Stephanie?”: one would say.

Solo Build It!

My idea was making money so I went after those get rich quick scams, going after the next work at home business opportunity, trying to raise enough capital to start a business. The only good thing about that was with my failures I was collecting information.

Sure I registered with domains for web sites and had emails in the company name. I've tried all the major internet auction companies answer to the website, the major search engines answer to the website. You know who they are...

They register your domain, give you a site builder and say “good luck to you”. So much  for a sure work at home business opportunity. Mind you this is while they suck money out of your wallet weather you get visitors to your site or not. And if you want to advertise? Oh! That's were your left stuck in the mud. If advertising is too expensive, too bad!

This was the problem if you are not getting enough visitors and can't afford more, too bad. Dead end after dead end. No visitors. No revenue. The business left in the middle of the sea of the internet without a  paddle to get moving. Or the paddles are too small, too few visitors and so much money in advertising to get the visitors.

But don't fret!!!

Nowadays I know that knowledge/information (not money) is everything to the survival of a business. Proper planning & direction is essential to getting the ball rolling. The problem was I didn't have a particular direction, and planning was based on what I've learned from e-books, some get rich quick's, and work at home business opportunity pitches.

Here is where I started to get successful. One night I couldn't sleep. I evaluated what I was doing wrong. I know their was a way to start a profitable business on a string budget on the internet.

Once again I've looked over what I was doing wrong and besides the conclusions that I've made earlier I know I needed guidance on how to do business correctly and legally. The question: How do I attract people to the website? How do I profit on the web site? Answering these questions is were I started succeeding and I've been succeeding ever since. It was Solo Build It that saved me.

SBI – Solo Build It. Has been the final clue to crown my success with Geri's specialty Gifts. SBI teaches me so much about web content & keywords being the prime generator of free traffic to my site. If you ever wonder what keywords would have to do with free traffic to web pages. Then click the “Site Made by Solo Build It” banner below.

Solo Build It! Case Studies

And surprisingly enough FREE TRAFFIC I did succeed in! I couldn't believe it either until I started getting customers.  Here are more details on how SBI - Solo Build It home business opportunity will work for you!