Marriage Gift Ideas are Easy as pie.

Yeah pie, like giving the wedded couple a ceramic pie plates...

Can make a great marriage gift ideas pie plates of different sizes with bird pie funnel included. Or heirloom sterling silver measuring spoons. Or to make it fun colored striped wood measuring spoons. I may or may not be a novel Ideas but present centered on needs can make great marriage gift ideas.

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Household Items as marriage gift ideas

On a wedding I've went to I gave a Brita water filer with extra water filers as a wedding gift to fill in the newly weds new apartment. It was also mentioned since this would be the first time the two live together they are going to need new stuff. Yeah their can be the pricier items like the couch or the refrigerator or new beds but think of something smaller they’ll need like a decorative mirror or wall art as unique wedding gift ideas.

Gifts like that are useful especially if you know the wedded couple may need these types of things. So think of what the couple will need. Even living together for a while, for many couples they will have bills to pay after the wedding. What can you give that will help them save money? Or bring family/friends together and discuss on what will the couple out financially.

"Creating a cake with a few other essentials & bathroom must haves - as I said tastefully in paisley pattern black and white wrapping paper and magenta satin ribbon can make a wedding gift."

"Stylish way to put personal items in. Very Asian inspired fashionista chic. Pocket book worthy."

"Old fashioned turned new age with these personalized stoneware for there home together."

Apartment Gifts

Small furniture either assembled or minimal assembly required can make grate gifts and an addition to the home which will save the couple money on buying furnishings. Preferably the furniture should fit their home in style, color and so on.

Simple design works best in many apartment decor. Better yet a gift card towards a purchase of small furnishings along with incentives on discount home decor works too. I like very much. You can go online to find more information about gift cards and store locations.

If you wish for a truly unique gift a living wall for the couple to hang or better yet a small herb garden living wall for their kitchen? {show pick of “Modern Indoor Pots And Planters} Other marriage gift ideas can be for needed could have a design twist on then like. A beautiful waste paper basket with small dust pail and hand sweeper.

  • A wine rack *Kitchen Aide Mixer
  • Or if you want something different and health conscious a Vitamix, Rated #1 in blenders in 2012
  • Laundry baskets
  • Wall Clocks It's important that a couple starting out is going to need things for the home.

Supplies as a marriage gift idea:

As shown earlier though bathroom tissue is what some would say “an unexpected wedding gift to say the least” when arranged can become an inviting household wedding gifts.

The key is arranging any gift as beautiful presents. Examples besides

  • bathroom tissue,
  • washcloths,
  • body soaps,
  • Hand soap & lotion sets
  • and ideas on arranging bathroom towels.

More unique ideas that’s great for a young married couple are:

Other things I like can also be your next marriage gift on

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