Mokassins. I don't like them...

<Ugly Vintage 1980's Moassins here>

Don't get me wrong. Mokassins come in all different kinds of colors. And I like those colors on leather. They look nice on those shoes.

Not much to look at. But when you experience the comfort it nice. They make are great for slippers. Searching around the most interesting of these type of shoes are the colorful leather ones. I think they have the most chance of being stylish. Other than that I don't like them. Style wise they are my mothers shoes.

What I don't like about them?

I don't like the front stitching. I don't like the frills in the front. I would like those to be more fashion forward. I know why I have a strong opinion about them it's because the other night I watched the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. And being a Manhattanite obsessed with the shops at Columbus Circle drives me crazy & therefore those shoes make me crazy for its lack of originality and Style!

It just drives me crazy! Yeah they are for comfort and I may need to except thoses shoes are for comfort and to except the style for what it is: It upsets me though that mokassins cannot be more fashion forward, more modern (particularly for women) as well as comfort. Some may be cool or...

Have a possibility of some kind of Fashion Forwardness like:

Theses. I like the punch-out cut outs of the flowers in front. A nice grey tone. I would like one day a more sophisticated type of makassins similar to this shoe.

Maybe its the string with the bow that drives me crazy with thought of the shoe's fashion ugliness! Or anything like a penny loafer insert on a band, maybe that's what disturbs me. Maybe it needs a wedge, like the example above.

In the 1980's my mom will buy me those shoes all the time & she would wear them too. I think we had a matching pair of mokassins at one time. Mother and daughter going down the street with the same shoes might of had been cute back then but makes me cringe today! These shoes from may work. I like the color.

Still I don't like the bans across the shoe or the ribbons that make the bow! Not good taste when it comes to fashion. The colors made with leather are the only redeeming factor and a possibility. I would like to see a mokassins with a heel, in a stylish way of course.

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