Happy St. Patricks Day! Last Minute Give Away St Patricks Day Gifts!

Before we get on with St Patricks Day gifts. Happy St Patrick's Day!
Things to remember for St Patricks Day:

a) Don't Forget to wear green & if you are anywhere in the world celebrating St Patricks Day.

b) Give cute little St Patricks Day gifts to all whom you'll meet.

c) Be careful of those green jello shots. Alcoholic & non-alcoholic (sugar addict here!)
d) It's always said to drink responsibly but remember that St.Patrick was a Christian so we should act in a way that's reflective of the person we are honoring.

e) Cook your but off! I know I will

Give a-ways! Give a-ways!

Small tokens of St Patrick's Day given away to everyone you know make great St Patricks day gifts. Green key chains, glass shots, even green flowers are given away today! All over their are shops where you can buy chocolate gold coins, leprechaun pins, shamrock toe rings, even buy ring tones online. Celtic Designed nail clippers, and of course the green hat & glasses. Think small. You know what I mean.

Its soo much fun! When I was a child in grade school we use green food coloring in water, place white carnations in the green water to make green carnations. My favorite activities was creating St Patrick's day cards and since arts & crafts are my favorite subject I've always made beautiful cards. If I say so myself :).

Whatever the activity my hope is you have a great time today, be responsible, and give away as many St Patricks Day gifts to as many people as you can.

St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan.

I live in the Inwood in the tip of Manhattan. From my apartment I can see Ft. Tryon and the cloisters Museum. Everybody is into the great activities happening today particularly at Inwood Hill Park at 207th street. You can visit the New York parks department for Inwood. if you like more info.

I will be watching the parade on T.V. Today everybody is Irish wearing green. Updated News! I may be going out after all! I have to go to a doctors office & it's on 5th avenue. Maybe I will see some activities today so that could be fun!

If you are in Manhattan their are plenty of gift stores as you may know selling st Patrick's day gifts including the shops at st. Patrick's Cathedral & Metropolitan Museum of Art which are a few examples.

Unfortunately I couldn't write the blog that I wanted which was to show all the unique gift shops to get st Patricks day gifts in New York City and and their websites if not in nyc. But don't worry similar articles are in the works.

Once again have a great st. Patty's day :D.

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