So Unique Halloween Gifts should have...


Costumes as a unique Halloween gifts? Whats that? There are gift cards to stores on purchases of costumes kids and adults want. It could be a favorite theater costume that one could wear at a Halloween day parade. Or matching costumes couples could enjoy, sexy costumes for men & women and so forth.

A surprise costume? Something the guy or gal could not find that you may find by today this evening. Authentic New York City Opera costumes were acquired recently by the vintage NOHO boutique Screaming Mimi's – Costumes can be a gift if they are from a T.V. show and you give to a fanatic or a collector of television memorabilia. There are some establishments that have wardrobes from show that went off the air. I'm thinking of storage houses like from Hollywood studios that store movie props and sets from shows on T.V. These are great ideas to find unique Halloween gifts.


Pumpkins as gifts. If you would like to fill say an artificial jack-o-lantern line the inside with mesh material fill one layer with candy and another layer with LED lights until its full than you have a lighted jack-o-lantern filled with candy. People can pull out treats for fun. Need not worry about lights melting candy LED's don't heat up! So enjoy the display.

Pumpkin Chocolate cups: make chocolate cups, decorate like jack-o-lanterns, and fill with candy. Example found at

Give away jeweled studded little pumpkins. You can make some for a cause say breast cancer. Little pink studded pumpkins!

Another use for pumpkins as unique Halloween gifts is giving away a pumpkins with a removable sticker that has instructions on how to make pumpkin pie.

Another idea is getting mini pumpkins, empty the seeds and the filling, spray the inside of the mini pumpkins with a coating of plastic sealant, than add candies or toys or other surprises you would like to put inside mini pumpkins.

A useful tip: Use a silica gel pack to keep pumpkins from rotting to quickly.


Homemade candy is good if you are trusted by people to give to the children. Great for workplaces too. Mini candy apples are a great idea. I saw in the supermarket selling packs of lady apples. Also on my Halloween pinterst board are other ways to make mini candy apples.

Or make decadent candies that look like candy apples with an apple flavored center instead of fruit. The apple flavored center could be say a charms sour apple blow pop. Than covered the pops with caramel (or chocolate) and layer with chocolate chips, or nuts, or marshmallows, whatever. After it's set cover again with chocolate (or caramel) and put another layer of of chocolate chips, or nuts, or marshmallows, whatever. Have it set. Choose to leave as is or have a final cover of chocolate or caramel. There! Layered sour candy candy apples! Give them to kids or the kids at heart.

Candy Corn on the Cob! Easy. Make or buy marzipan (its an almond paste) mold into a short log, make sure it's thick enough so you can stick the candy corn in and it stays. (You can use bananas as an healthier alternative.) Candy corn in readily available and also comes in different colors too. A big bag can make many 'corn on the cob' candies. Lastly stick and arrange the candy corn in the marzipan log until it look like a corn on a cob. You can make these for Thanksgiving to look like Native American's corn with it's different  fall colors!

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Quick ideas and fun this Halloween found here below at my Pinterest page on more Unique Halloween.

Last Thing?

Have a great and safe Halloween. Checkout our online store for unique Halloween  gifts everyone looks for. And Thanksgiving is around the corner and presently enjoying the colors of fall their will be more great unique gift ideas in store.