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Only the best for cats who are pampered and spoiled. But why sacrifice style for function? That's why I have the best gifts for the home as well as you fellow feline. Of course this is a short list. There are other cat related articles which will show other great unique gifts for cats.

Featured from the articles gifts for cats.

cat drinking fountain

Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets available at

This water fountain was something I visualize as ceramic with a blue burnish edge like the one below. As you can see they look similar I like the shape of fountain and I think its and example of something unique. My hope in the future is have that fountain available. What appeals to my is not just it's shape but the natural  look it is made of.

Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain Big Max available at

I choose this because of the sleek black sophisticated design and modern feel to it. Good for the cat and a nice design touch for the home. An enjoyable water feature on top of any table as an accent piece someone will think. Until of course the cat jumps in to take a drink.

Drinkwell Himalayan Blue Stoneware Pagoda Fountain available at

This fountain is closely similar to the first fountain I wanted. I has a zen feel and a water flow feature that says calm and peace. I'm sure even the sound of the water in a quiet place will bring calm and relax feelings.

cat jewelry

Cat jewelry I think is a complex thing. I saw a car wear studded pierced earnings at one time; though I don't recommend that (worry about infection) Snaps or screwed on earnings, I don't know about that either, but ask the Veterinarian. Never the less people have had their cats wear jeweled collars or necklaces, and sometimes bracelets.

BINGPET BA3003 Soft Velvet Safe Cat Necklace Collar Adjustable Pearl & Crystal With Bells available at

A popular jeweled color I think illustrate the bling factor. A favorite it has a sexiness to it.

Viiler Pet Cat Dog Collar... available at

I see these a lot on dogs and I've seen it on cats too. A popular favorite to personalize and make your pet stand out and be noticed.

Cat Collar Kitten Velvet Bow Tie - Image belongs to

  Available Also In Black. Cat Collar Kitten Velvet Bow Tie Safety Elastic Bowtie Bell 6, 4 Colours available at

I picked this because I saw the black. Yes available in black for those who have male cats and love sophistication. But click on the link to get all the colors of this collar.

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