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These are for Chinese New Year gift ideas in the unconventional for most western people. But many here have been given as traditional gifts and businesses gifts. For more unique gifts like these visit our unique Chinese gifts.

110mm Tri-pod Style World Gemstone Globe

Exquisite World Globe made from gemstones from around the world. Each country is a different gemstone hand cut and fitted into this intricate and beautiful design. The Latitude and Longitude lines are gold, the oceans a beautiful blue Lapis. A treasure to behold and to own. This World Gemstone Globe sells for up to $1200 and more elsewhere. These gemstone globes are all hand made with real gemstones from the countries they represent in the globe. For example the Abalone used for the continent of Australia comes from the Great barrier Reef. The Oceans are pure Blue Lapis, the Latitude and Longitude lines are real gold with the equator and International Date Line made from Sterling Silver. Each individual country is hand cut and fitted together. Once the whole globe is made it is covered and sealed by a layer a crystal clear !

Retail Price: $254.00

Red Resin Small Dragon

Smaller size red resin dragon measuring about 5 inches Tall X 6 inches Long X 3 inches deep

Retail Price: $27.95 - Out of Stock

Red Resin Pair of Temple Lions

Pair of Red Resin Temple Lions measuring about 6" Tall X 2" Wide (across the front) X 3" Deep (front to back)

Retail Price: $36.95

Large China Stone Garden Horse

Our largest Stone Garden Horse made from Chi rich Chinese Stone quarried from Southern Chinarnand carved by hand by Chinese Craftsmen. This is crafted after old style warrior horses used in the Qing DynastyrnSamauri Warriors. It measures about 25 inches Long X 19 inches Tall.

Retail Price: $1,000.00 - Out of Stock

10" Jade Kuei-Pi Trivit Disk-some are Dragons

These were in use around 800 BC and were precise instruments of measure. Some were designed and used to help navigate ships by the stars.

Other Kuei-pi disks were placed as pillows underneath the heads of the dearly departed to protect their journey into the other world.

Set into a deep mat and framed they make exquisite wall hangings. Also people have used them as unique looking trivit for a special look at a special dinner occasion.

They are all hand carved and made from real Jade. They come in several designs, each one is different. Approximate size is more than 10" in diameter. Each one is different.

Retail Price: $134.95

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