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life like tarantula that's a paperweight

Other Creepy Inspirations

To be Replaced

Ed Speldy East PW212 Real Bug Paperweight Regular-Medium-Spider

To be Replaced

RealBug Computer Mouse - Golden Scorpion - Optical - Cable - Clear - USB - Scroll Wheel

To be Replaced

Ed Speldy East SS102 Real Bug Terrain-Terrain-Large-Black Scorpion with Stone Background

To be replaced

RealBug Computer Mouse - Chafer Beetle (Glow in the Dark) - Optical - Cable - USB - Scroll Wheel

life size sculpture of that mosquito, hairy legs n' all

Coming Soon

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Yardbirds Junkyard Metal Animal Large Mosquito (One of a Kind)

(24”L x 26”W x 7”H)

Socks that changes color - mood socks

Coming Soon

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Shadow Shifter ADULT Women's/Unisex Color Changing T-Shirt Heat Sensitive Color Shifting

Shadow Shifter ADULT Men's/Unisex Color Changing T-Shirt Heat Sensitive Color Shifting

mood shoes

Coming Soon

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Green voice Women's Woven Sneakers Color Changing Shoes White to Multicolor Block

Green voice Women's Color Changeable Flats


Coming Soon

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Green voice Women's Color Changeable Sneakers

smoke salmon computer mouse

Coming Soon

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Ed Hardy PAC10A05F Red Koi Fish Cable Mouse And Pad 2-In-1 Value Bundle

To be Replaced

Salmon 800dpi Optical Cristal Mouse

kaleidoscope diamond ring

Moritz Glik "Kaleidoscope" 18K Gold and Diamond Floating-Orbit Ring, Size 7

Sybarite Unique Jewellery - Kaleidoscope Ring

a bejeweled salamander hair pin that moves from time to time

Coming Soon

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mood contact lenses

Coming Soon

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Air Optix Colors 6 Pk Contact Lens-6 lenses per box

To be Replaced

small silver bug earrings that look like they move

Coming Soon

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