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Welcome to the first Unique Gifts information website on the net Geris-Specialty-Unique-Gift-Ideas.com. What are we about? Information about gifts and gift ideas for the seasons, holidays and special occasions. Personalized, unexpected gifts for the fall, winter, summer & spring months. Special days celebrated throughout the year; holiday theme inspired gifts for men, women, children, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and more.

We also have informative articles for unique gifter’s & recipients alike on a variety of unique gift oriented topics and subjects. They are focused on what’s popular and what’s not popular when it comes to uncommon gifts. We will be focusing on subjects of the unique about gifts for your pet, the home, finding those uncommon gifts shops in your geographic area and more. See our latest highlights from our blog with fun & imaginative gift finds with what’s trendy and ‘it’ for the moment.

These and all other gifts & ideas found you can also purchase at our online store. Exclusively made for Geri’s Specialty Gifts. Imaginative, creative whimsical gifts is what our line of unexpected gifts especially made for us. Presently at our store are handpicked gifts from GREAT outlets which are unique yet esthetically pleasing to give to others and receive for yourself.

Unique Gifts to Give: What's season, holiday & occasions are coming up now?

Spring Has Sprung!
Say Hi to Dog Days of Summer. More time for some serious grilling. Everyone is eating fresh with their favorite barbecues! Also in this preparation is everything and theirs yet some time to add that extra additions to the you next BBQ. Their are a lot of recipes out there that are fresh and easy to make. Hay, those can be from your vegetable garden. And how tasty that will be.

Well as I said "to the dog days of summ!" continue on with the grilling. People are still getting their fire pits in tip top shape and buying something new, something cool, or "no change keep what we have from last year". Some time ago I said: 'The warmer days are at hand' Now it's Wow the weather! We've been having freakish weather this year!.

In any case 4th of July has past and(despite the weather) also the exciting things one can think of doing in the summer months. August and summer is around the corner and if Dad's birthday is coming up what dad doesn't want unique gifts for themselves, since he has been such a great influence in life think of something rich or wealthy like to give him? I'm thinking a gift that he can use, of high quality and that lasts a long time. As well as looks good.

And don't forget other summer birthdays! Great joke gifts can be a novel idea. Remember, it has to be something will make them laugh. The birthday comes once a year. Think of a unique gift that will be fun for them. Double on birthday gifts for Mom's too.

Below are birthday gift ideas to consider for Dad:

Dog day of summer are here and these gifts will inspire your unique side of gift giving. Find out more by visiting our unique gifts page on pinterest. Looks like we will be wearing warmer clothes. Little remnants of the extra cold that winter 2014 has been hitting the north east. Which make a nice summer though! Nevertheless great swings in weather temperatures. Besides great articles to read for the important holidays here are things "for summer..." pinterest board that will spark ideas of great things to have. New articles will come up on unique trellis and unique trellis for the home. I can't wait to see the warm sun shine and the joy of spring & summer with these articles.

Look for more updates at our blog.

Weddings are always in of course. Visit our most popular article on wedding gifts for guests. Another popular article wedding gift ideas is also worth reading.

Whether you are a guest or family member thinking of what to give on the wedding day, bride & groom looking for wedding gift ideas for guests, or a wedding planner who want something new these are ideas based on what is the unexpected and the personalized.

The hotter (or cooler in some regions of the U.S.:| ) season and holidays like Labor day are one of the special days people have anniversaries of events that change their lives. You can give uncommon presents and your unique ideas to commemorate the day.

Don't forget about the exciting things to do in the latter half of summer! Many people especially kids obviously love to go places or extra money for ice cream and if a birthday lands on one of the hotter days. Maybe an idea for a kids theme celebration is a going out to nature experience. An evening camping party where we collect fire flies. Let Summer continue!. Or a group outing, kids having a blast!

A day at the Movies. A relief from the heat! Some people bring their own food into the theater, though the theater people never recommend that. Some people have dietary restrictions and like me I bring my healthy food into the theater. As for kids it's your call. But to be fair make sure you buy something from the theater. Hay the food or drink may cause you a few toes and a finger as appose to the usual arm and leg!:D Try Dine-in Theaters. The event could be a present in it self. The party could be their favorite thing to do at the moment.

When giving gifts we want to give the right gift for the right person.

Summer is around the corner.

When giving gifts we want to give the right gift for the right person. If we are curious about the type of person & what to give consider this first. What type of person is he or she? This is a gift that's unique so you want something that will please the recipient. It could be unexpected or something personalized.

Will it be a wonderful addition to their home? You more and likely know the person. Is the gift something to be proudly displayed or put in the attic? A gift to keep or re-gifted later? Remember it’s not about what you think would be nice but what the recipient would like. Which also begs the question do you know who you are giving your gift to? If you don’t know this person ask the person directly or ask around for some suggestions. What are his or her hobbies? What dose him or her like? Is it something that complements who they are?

As the first Unique Gifts Information web site creating an interactive community of excited people who plan to give and get the best individual gift items and creating events which expresses their own happiness with the unexpected and personalized which is unique gifts.

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