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Geri's Gifts Article Series, Issue #002
September 01, 2014

About This Season

Yes Labor Day I hope for you will be great. The unofficial last day of summer and as mentioned last month your'e either finished shopping for the 1st day of school or counting on the very last minutes hoping to get 70% off.

Yeah and even then for the rest of the month you'll probably hunt for new fall clothes and winter buys too. So to say again fall is already around the corner! Many people put small gifts of appreciation into a gift basket. Our Fall Gift Baskets article offers great ideas and basket buys you'll like.

The Holidays Coming Up.

Happy Labor Day! Which is today September 1st. I'm considering indoor grilling due to the radical weather we're having this weekend. I love my George Forman Grill! Yeah cheesey, but before the Forman grill idea indoor grilling has created spectacular dishes for decades. However what wins has always been the charcoal grilling. Some even in thunderstorms can't resist the flavors of the smoke.

Grandparents Day is on the 7th. Appreciation for more than just the person who babysits the kids. This holiday is to acknowledge the wealth of their presence in our lives.

Patriot day or September 11th 2014 show the enduring strength of the American heart.

Step Family Day on the 16th is also a opportunity for unity, try unity gifts for Step families.

Citizenship Day on the 17th, especially for new U.S. Citizens, to live out all American dreams.

Rosh Hashana is on the 25th. And Native American Day on the 26th.

Special Occasions

Besides Birthdays, Weddings & Anniversaries of course in the month of September we have the Last day of summer. I've always celebrate that with reflections on what happen in the summer and a gift of happy things in my life that I want at the moment: Vintage candies. Something that has to do with fashion like buying fabric samples, sewing supplies, or a sketchbook to draw my works of art.

First day of School would be fun for me and an opportunity to be creative. Below are articles relating to first day of school ideas that are my favorites. A mix for adults, a mix or the kids and teens:

Heely's of the future. Great safety tips too!

For Unique Christmas Shopping for Teens people are staring now.

Find a Unique Book bags for all kids and kids at heart.

First day of Fall, September 23rd is not too late to bring a unique gifts twist to what's great this fall. So don't miss out on the Seasonal profile in making things unique and stylish.


Our Unique gifts directory, (which is growing) has a great search for unique gifts from wherever you are. The search is specialized to find unique gifts in your geographic area. For that unique gift information make a visit. Stay informed for October's e zine for unique gifts for the fall season, holidays in October and special occasions theme ideas.

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Written By Stephanie Thomas
Geri's Specialty Gifts Inc.

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