For Carlashes that Style and Dazzle!

For Carlashes as Creative Graduation Gifts...

A need for Carlashes the go get em!

You have a creative teen who is sun shiny & free, artistic, or "ghetto fabulous" so the case, and doesn't mind pimping her girly style on her ride then CarLashes maybe a great unique gifts for her. They are sooo cute. I think it makes the car like a princess. Fitting for the girl of any age who knows shes a princess.
Other unique car accessories for women as wacky as these Car Lashes and their complemented "bling eye liner" are unique car air fresheners, personalized car rims,(of course) & customized hood ornaments...if you dare.

The few message boards that comments were made about Car Lashes are mixed. Some thought it was as tacky as pink fuzzy dice on a rv mirror. Others say it's a waste of the luxurious look of a good car. But those who love their femininity, their is no hesitation to personalize the closest thing of self expression, their ride!

The Official CarLashes(TM) and Eyeliner BUNDLE - Authorized Car Lashes(TM) Seller - No Knockoffs - Black/Pink Crystal

Car Lashes (TM)

Available at

The Official Car Lashes(TM) - Authorized Car Lashes(TM) Seller - No Knockoffs - Pink

Car Lashes (TM)

Available at

Considering these questions will find the right birthday gifts for the right personalities.

When turning "a certain age" it is the time to enjoy the present. Moment by moment. And for the rest of life the wisdom & security that comes with it. The "Been there"; the "done that". Many at their age would like a gift that's in the now.

Something groovy, something neat, something fly! Ok. I'm sounding old here! However keep in mind the  personality of the individual. Are they educated? Are they in a trade? A mom or a career woman? White collar or blue collar? An avid sportsmen or expert spectator? considering these questions will find the right birthday gifts for the right personalities.

For men for women for boys at heart & girls at heart a birthday gift need not be pretentious. Only that the gift be useful, memorable or even nostalgic are some of what you should consider when purchasing for someones 50th birthday.

Birthday gifts for men or women turning "that certain age" - many want to relive their youth. To grow in years gracefully; relive their 20's & 30's now in a safer way with more stuff.

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