50th Birthday Gift Reflects the Best Time of their Lives.

For men for women for boys at heart & girls at heart a 50th birthday gift need not be pretentious. Only that the gift be useful, memorable or even nostalgic are some of what you should consider when purchasing for someones 50th birthday.

Birthday gifts for men or women turning 50 - many want to relive their youth. To grow in years gracefully; relive their 20's & 30's now in a safer way with more stuff.

Buy gifts that were from their era with a modern twist. They are more matured. Buy things that will remind them of the pinnacle points of their lives - music, events-a concert, their favorite car, their first car, getting married, getting divorced (maybe with  a voodoo doll set):P,  graduating from high school or college, being with long time friends, family, motorcycle, jewelery or vintage clothing.

The 50th birthday gift come to these categories for example:

Books - Kindle electronic book reader, and or a gift card to download electronic books from say Amazon.com

Gourmet Foods - (Online) Harry & David, Omaha Steaks & Godiva Chocolates to name a few.

Yankee Candle - Among other companies their is also Lux Candles for fragrant bouquet & other candle companies.

Golfsmith® - The golfsmith.com, all your golf gifts in one place.

Things to give both men & women are: lessons in skydiving & bungee jumping or other lessons on adventure. Watches, music, a unisex spa. The above will no doubt make great birthday gifts. Mainly we will stick to unique 50th birthday gift that is...  

Nostalgic With A Modern Twist

Birthday gifts that takes it's cue from the 20th century with a 21st century twist. Have you ever wonder how to get old picture negatives and turn them into digital pictures? These  are examples of 20th century gone 21st century.

More is at firstSTREET.com a great site for unique baby boomer birthday gifts. Turing 50 need not be too old fashioned.

I think that "converting all the favorite cassettes into mp3's" or "ordering those exact name bran sunglasses they had worn when they  where in their 20's" would make great gifts. But don't count them as old. They are as young as ever and they ain't slowing down. And are still in love with rainbow colored leg warmers & polyester power suit.

Ok, maybe not always. However giving a most cherished thing of the past with 21st century amenities is one of the types of birthday gifts to give.

To sum up about 50th Birthday Gift.

When turning 50 it is the time to enjoy the present. Moment by moment. And for the rest of life the wisdom & security that comes with it. The "Been there"; the "done that". Many at their age would like a gift thats in the now.

Something groovy, something neat, something fly! Ok. I'm sounding old here! However keep in mind the  personality of the individual. Are they educated? Are they in a trade? A mom or a career woman? White collar or blue collar? An avid sportsmen or expert spectator? considering these questions will find the right 50th birthday gifts for the right personalities.

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