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In a life of a kid the most important days of the year for unique gifts for kids are their birthday and  Christmas. However parents know that is seems like every season is the time of the year. Besides activities for school & homework parents don't want their kids to feel left out academically or socially.

These days their are many bargains in department stores bending over backwards to attract the parents. With all the variety out there it actually isn't hard to find unique gifts for kids.

Unique Gifts for Kids in the School Year...

For kids they don't want to be left out. They need new clothes, new shoes, kids backpacks, school supplies. Parents buy those; they will soon enough also buy kids growth charts to gush on how tall their getting. And find fool proof kids alarm clocks to knock them into getting to school on time.

Here is a kid gift idea for the benefit of their education. 3D kid puzzles can help them with space perception and solving complex problems (But don't tell them that.),it's creative & fun (Do tell them that!). Unique gifts for kids comes easier when they are educational because there are available educational child toys for age level, grade level & other learning needs.

It could be hard for a kid. Some kids spend lots of time doing homework. For kids to be able to absorb all that learning, have activities that are fun & educational so the child doesn't burn out. The goal is to comfortably and more easily absorb what they are learning.

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And after all that learning & hard work at school the kid need a break to relax. They play video games even invite their friends over to play. Or talking over the phone or IM-ing (Instant messaging) what happened in school today.

The most important thing to remember is your kids being able to socialize with friends they relate to, having fun outside, and having a place to play safely. We all want that! The best unique gifts for kids birthday exhibits the above three:

socialize with friends, having fun outside or inside, and having a place to play safely. With this in mind here are birthday gifts for kids.

Unique Gifts for Kids to Buy on their Birthday...

The uncommon or personalized. And if possible for cheap too. Gift certificates for skate boards with personal design. Gift certificate for their favorite place to shop. Try stores where personalizing a design is involved; those would probably be for an older kid birthday gift.

A way of expressing individuality is important as it's seen in media: tv, online, and street ads. Themed merchandise or online merchandise from clubs & mascots from Anime like Hello Kitty, Yugioh or Pokemon. Other cartoons like Winx & Ben 10, Marvel or DC comics, & game consoles. Get ideas from the most popular online kid communities like Cartoon Network, nickelodeon, Kid's WB or Fox Kids online. What are your  child's interests? Or cut to the chase and ask what they want for their birthday.

If the child wants a birthday party but you are low in budget here are some suggestions. A sleep over in your back yard. They can play planned activities & kid games all evening long. If too cold have an indoor camp with a canopy as a tent for the bed. They can bring their kids sleeping bags,

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Electric lanterns & other themed props of the outdoors. Oriental Trading ( has these and other props for parties, events, holidays for pennies on the dollar. For more money saving tips instead of elaborate parties little girls can dress up in adult clothes & have a fun informal tea party birthday.

Or an arts & crafts birthday party. Chuck E. Cheeses or a similar place can be fairly reasonable. For older kids going out for burgers and a movie. Or the birthday party like a normal afternoon with friends; video games, movies, snacks & the birthday cake. Just hanging out. A few money saving suggestions and making it a lot of fun.

Now back to unique gifts for kids. Kids still look at kid oriented stuff. Get the ideas of what they want from tv and online. Should be socially acceptable yet at the same time the gift is uncommon and/or personalized. The good news is their are ways to customize: from, gift certificates or free downloads.

Unique gifts for kids can be easily defined for days like birthdays but how about a unique Christmas gift for kid? The good news is the same unique gifts for kids for the birthday also applies to Christmas gifts too. Christmas is the time where kids can join in the Christmas holiday festivities. For the kid Christmas is a magical time of the year and one of the days they anticipate presents & gifts the most.

Unique Christmas Presents Kids Want.

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The Christmas gift idea may not be unique, but parents can give the option to be unique. What kids want for Christmas fortunately can come in a variety of colors & styles. Themed for the kids favorite hobbies, activities or events. Here are popular unique gifts for kids to consider for the holidays:

Personal electronic devices that wont break your bank like mp3 players. The latest cool cell phones & smart phones. Pre-paid no contract cell phones where parents are in charge of how much money to put in. Ipod accessories; hard case with cool graphic cell phone covers that comes in colors like red, blue, pink would be a nice stocking stuffer.

PSP with outer cases in different colors for accessories in a nicely wrapped gift. The latest games, providing they are appropriate. For girls crystal covered cell phone covers or with a oriental graphic cell cover with matching key chain. Gadget gifts & notions like those light-up sneakers, electronic geography maps, electronic personal diaries for preteens.

Of course if you need for your gifts to be inexpensive it's ok to shop during the year where it's cheap & put the gifts in storage until Christmas. Start in September;(don't let your kid's know) if you don't have time buy one item at a time. Or you can wait until after Christmas sales perhaps making it up to the kids by letting them pick any one gift they want.

It's not hard finding Unique Gifts for kids...

And there's no doubt more gifts will be covered. Kids generally want what their friends have. Fortunately for you these days they don't have to be terribly expensive. Fun & educational stuff are widely available & gives your kids the edge needed academically & socially.

Yes, at times it's true. Kids have one interest one minute & a second interest another minute. "I did growing up". But don't worry. At this time in kids lives they need to explore their potentials to later find out what their true passion that will turn to a skill & thus a career.

Let your children be active; and have that talk with them if the kids flying aspirations get too expensive. Therefore let your kids explore, find themselves, even have fun in the journey.

Soon to find more unique gifts for kids besides on the web you can try our sites Unique Gift Shop Directory where you can find places off-line selling unique gifts for kids in your geographic area; Our soon to be online store, and new arrivals from our merchant partners.

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