Giving can be fun! Here are some unique gift ideas.

Here I'm to present to you unique gift ideas, something to get the juices flowing, open your mind to the type of unique gift you can give.

S.O.S = Same Ole Same, but unique gift ideas are better.

We all like to buy things we ourselves would like. I have to admit I've had given something to someone that would only interest me. But that's not a bad thing all the time. 

It could be special enough for your best friend or significant other to remember you and make them smile. Also fellow colleagues or superiors remember you and your contributions in the workplace.

Nevertheless an important rule is to make sure you know the person(s) enough or have an idea of the workplace. Never be too self centered that you don't recognize how other people feel, the mood of environment, and the personality or temperament when giving gifts. Be sure also if they are open to receiving something different.

Now let's talk about unique gifts for others...

The best gifts of course are gifts that were thought out,  planned, and relate to someones, hobbies, crafts or joyed profession. You can get the best gifts ideas by the way the person dress, what the person talk about the most, their daily activities.

Jay Simmons-

I may be generalizing here so an example would be a unique mother day gift idea from someone who loves her: Create something personalized from very very good site by the way. With your unique gift put an unforgettable message, a favorite song or poem that express how much you care. 

Another unique gift idea for the whole family. Have the kids paint pictures on pots and with their lovable designs include each of the kids picture on the pot. Great gifts for mom to see her children's pictures and their art.

SURPRISE! Giving something different, out of character, and you know they will love it.

Here are some unique gift ideas to remember when you give something unexpected and  spontaneous. So you want to give your accountant for an example a giant whoopee cushion that says “You are an invaluable part of my team, you  always get to the bottom of the matter. Thank You”.

Hay I think it's funny. But to make sure that it's funny for all parties involved you first need to consider if the unique gift ideas is appropriate for the audience, personality, or temperament. Other unique thank you gifts for a persons well being is an idea.

Lets see what you need to know, here are some “surprise!” unique gift ideas.

Giving unique gifts without offense.

#1: Will you be giving to a friend, acquaintance or an enemy e.g.: Your boss(es)? Keep in mind their character, personality, temperament. Would they like to be surprised. Hay everybody need a good laugh see what make them laugh.  

There are times when you have to be civil with those you don't care for. One of the best ways to approach these types with a gift is give a nice book, something they will like.  

Another suggestion is give out gifts for everyone, and include your enemy in your gift giving. However if they are really being a “female dog” or a “donkey anus” (I could say the b word 

or a** but the above is funnier...) and also considers you as an enemy then kind words is good enough and keeping things civil is the reward.

OK! Now we got that out of the way lets concentrate on friends and acquaintances. Most people, thank God, have a good rapport with everyone they meet, and if you know them for awhile giving casual gifts or special occasion gifts will be a breeze. 

Will you be giving to acquaintances? It depends on whether you know them long enough, However if a person just moved into the neighborhood or started their first day on the job you can give them, what I call, “introductory gifts” like: A small house warming gift(everybody can give that), or a beautiful paper weight with a message. has these if you want to add an inspirational message.

If you want gender specific  ideas you can try unique gifts for women. This is where gifts are picked that are out of the ordinary. Unique gifts for men too don't have to be a hard search to find. Both are researched gifts targeted to what you want & still practical for gifts.

As for your friends. Obviously you should know them long enough to know whats good, whats bad, and what not to give for your friend. And also to respect your friend in making their own decisions. Right? Right? 

#2: What type of personality are you giving the gift to? Is the person serious. What is their idea of fun?

 Is the person shy. What is their idea of being spontaneous? Is this person judgmental? It's better to hand out gifts to everyone and include the judgmental person into the gift giving. But grudges a side...

#3: Ways to approach people with your gift? It could be in social situations, or non socials. Special occasion like office parties or a friendly visit. They are non formal and you don't have to present in front of a crowd. Personally I don't like to give a gift in front of everyone. I like to say a few kind words, with a smile. Just that simple. You can also present a gift accompanied with  friends or co-workers. Always smile and be positive when giving gifts.

Other Sources for  Unique Gift Ideas.

On the net as you may know there are not that many site that has this type of specific information on unique gift ideas. Say Carlashes. To give Carlashes a try and find a reseller near you click here. As you've seen they are mostly selling sites. However there are books you could read about unique gift ideas in Barns&Noble's web site.

Personally from my nine or so years intensely surfing the net I find the best articles come from personal blogs and web communities not highly publicized on the net. Below are some links to other subjects that might interest you.

If you had already decided on giving a gift. The Unique Gift Shop directory is helpful by using Google Maps to find online & offline unique gift shops in your geographic area.

There are other articles related to unique gift ideas in this site. I hope my knowledge has been helpful in choosing the right unique gifts

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