Unattractive cat accessories that scream bad taste!

You know what I'm talking about, when these cat accessories go to far. Furniture that’s so unattractive in the home it doesn’t welcome humans. These furniture monstrosities in many cases stands out like a distasteful eyesore in your living room! You don't like the gaudy, ridiculousness of the cat furniture which is not always welcoming or nice to look at for your guests.

And cat condos! It gets in the way, takes up needed space, and an ugly eyesore for the home. Sure you love your cat (or cats) but you may ask the question: 'how can I love my cat and have a nice looking home too?' This article will give you ideas on great accessories for cats that will be enjoyed by humans for any home.

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Tasteful, chic cat furnishings for home or office.

Hay they look so good people wont notice the cats! Wont scream out cat person. Instead will say you have a cat and the place looks nice.

A very inventive bookcase that doubles as a cat tower. It's nice to pleasantly greet your cat as you are browsing for a book to read. Something like Hemingway huh? 

If given a nice color a guest can look at your 'book shelf' as an interesting artistic piece of furniture.

An easy lounger that rest underneath a patio chair. Both car and human can enjoy a cool summer on this modern design furnishing.

Hay a cute news paper like dog art at your office! Doubles as a scratching post for your cat. An opportunity for your cat to get even, with 'the man'.  

Mod Lounge for cats. And other vintage inspired furniture for cats can be great stylistic décor for cat addition to your home décor.

If you must have traditional for your cat...

If you can't find much of what has been mentioned here. Find cat accessories that complements your décor. You can have the color match with the furniture. Or here's a great idea, upholster your cat condos or other accessories with the same upholstery design as your furniture? Great idea!

Of course one has to consider scratch resistant textile material and other things to make the cat accessory work. But not a bad thought. Especially if you have a particularly unique textile design which will make it nice for your cat. Also you can make as cat lover gifts for the one in your life.

More ideas for cat lover gifts to think about.

See mu pinterest board on Unique Cat Gifts and find other sources on great buys for cats. A way to spur the emotion here are some more cat lover gifts to give to yourself, your furry best friend(s) or any who would love these gifts.


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