Unique Cat gifts for Christmas, that's all I'll say :)

Holiday cat gifts are as much for the pet owner as it is for the pet. It's wonderful to put the festive cat sweater on; but to make it unique how about a designer holiday sweater: A single color with small cutouts of mini holly's & berries. Very chic?

Of course you can have a hat for your fellow feline. Examples of unique? A festive holiday hat sewn with a festive oriental print. Or a holiday hat that matches the sweater just mentioned! Among another unique cat lover gift you can make or buy could be a cat nip tree. To make it you can buy a cat nip rug, shape it into a cone (or if too floppy have a flexible card board for support) fasten it with sting, put it on a firm supported stand so it wont move, hot glue the bottom & let dry.

You could put cat chews as decorations, and on top 'of the cat nip tree' a long (not too long) 'L' shaped stick to hang at the end of it a string with a felt start attached. The cat eats the nip & bobs the star around for hours of fun. Cat gifts quick n' easy.

For Cats & People

Tips to giving unique cat gifts. Yeah us cat people are a unique bunch. The Christmas cats we love are special! If color means much you can go to the traditional colors: green, red, gold or gold & white. Yes we are a selfless bunch so an example of these cat gifts would be something like a  matching cat blanket & human blanket set in these colors.

There are other cat lover gifts, which can be your best unique cat lover gift, that could be for the cat and the human. A cute cat screen saver that both you or your cat loves. Like a realistic floating goldfish. Think of it your screen is a fish bowl with the background as your desktop. Matching necklaces for the femme cat lover,or a bow tie collar to match the bow tie the cats master is wearing. You can also have Christmas ornaments that doubles as cat party play toys for kitty! 

Extra comfort for cat.

Now some 'practical' cat owners would think it ridiculous to dress their feline after a human being & even feel sorry for making the cat feel so uncomfortable wearing say a leather biker jacket. Here are some comforts for the practical cat owner. Having ornaments that double as cat toys, a ball with a floating fish in the center of it for the cat to enjoy. A beautifully decorated cat laying mat that is comfortable for cat & stylish decor.

How about a cat tower that look like contemporary furniture, A decoupage cat bowl set for eating & drinking (decoupaged on the outside leave the bowl part for the food & drink),or an luxurious cat drinking fountain. Using pretty colored paper for the project is a great idea. The design possibilities are endless. See great cat gifts don't have to be outlandish after all!

Cat Gifts for Cat People who like Cat Things.

The personality of a cat person can be sensitive, affectionate, adventurous, exploitative. We cat lovers (including yours truly) seemed like passive folk but given a chance we can be open so it may be easier than you think to give for a cat person.

Example of what to give to a cat person is something personal like customized head phones, or a pro tech winter glove set. Gift cards going towards the persons favorite thing: like the latest Xbox addition or, Swarovski Crystal jeweled accessories are a great idea. Us cat people talk about what we are passionate about all the time! We're neurotic that way ya know.

Tis the Season!

In the future I will research for specialized cat gift shops to recommend to you. Until then I hope that the gifts for your Christmas cats & humans alike give you ideas for  great cat gifts. Hay, an original idea would be a picture of your cat lounging around, or having a good ole' cat party,or having a good time with the Christmas decorations as a paperweight. Personalization sites like Personalizationmall.com supply the paperweights & you supply the fun cat pictures.

If these gifts are what you're searching for this time of the year remember the option to socialize when possible. So seek unique gifts, or if all else the traditional standbys that can be customizable & personalized. As for making cat gifts there's this favorite craft store call Michaels Craft Center. Go to their web site;they have now videos to create the best craft projects with all the supplies needed. Seasons Greetings for now!

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