Easter 2011 revisited for 2013 Easter gift tricks.

Why am I going back to Easter 2011? Because I need to do more content & I can go back to some things that worked, and think about Easter 2013 too. Well, you can check out the Easter page about two really great sites 'My Time. My Creations. My Stampendence'  & 'How-To: Weave a Paper Easter Basket' from Craftzine.com or at least to introduce a great review of these sites before you visit them. From what I see here incidentally all theirs is left on Google are about the date of Easter but here are some good ideas I found a Google images.

The same also in Bing & Yahoo but some really pretty images which can spark some great ideas for unique Easter gifts. Easter gifts can take your cues from Easter 2011, I've also seen searches  for Easter 2009, 2008.

Its good to look back  at what was great & ...

Bing Easter 2011 Search

what you can do again the colors, the styles. Ok. What would, I do. If I need something from Easter 2011. I would see if it can fit to the style/trends showcased for this years Easters gift ideas! Let me see, looking at these pictures gets me inspired, especially one caught my eye... Say... These eggs here ( the doted eggs on the left) the speckled reminds me of perhaps adding edible jewels on the eggs. Maybe having them be chocolate eggs with a harden colored candy coating on these eggs edible jewels...

Something of that idea. Or maybe there (taffy eggs idea on the right), I think they are candies...Maybe rolled different colored taffy eggs. Use taffy out of striped different colors and rolled them into eggs. Another idea: How about instead of painting eggs have kids paint chocolate eggs with chocolate paint (with a hard candy surface so as not to melt), fun for egg painting if allergic to chicken eggs. You can also decorate with cookies shaped like eggs; makes it a fun project from the kids.


If You Desire Healthy Treats for kids...

put frozen fruit into egg molds with some fruit juice to make egg shaped fruit treats. Fruity Sugar free Jell-O eggs and bunnies can be a healthy treat too. What would be fun is to find a windup musical toy looking similar from the outside like this. They can open up to a “jack in the egg” or a “wind up toy that spins & turns.

Another idea, a plastic sleeve to put on the egg, decorated with any Easter design that you can slip on hard boiled eggs. Wrap the decorative plastic on the boiled egg & use a hair dryer to set the decorative film on the egg, it shrink the decorative plastic so it fits on the egg. No paint, no mess, beautiful Easter eggs in no time flat.


Well those are some of the gift ideas inspired by Easter 2011 so to speak. Hay, they are beautiful as almost all Easter gifts just are.