Garden Statues Galore!

Here is what we will talking about when it comes to garden statues. We will be covering unique garden center pieces, as well as finding them in salvage yards if possible. These statues can be as gifts including a brief tutorial on how to make all weathered statues for friends, family & neighbors.

Garden statues & water fountains selected to purchase. As well as tips for maintaining your water fountains like preventing alge & encouraging moss on stone for more authentic looks Lastly other subjects that have to do with garden decor like garden trellis and arches; finally my unique twist on unique home decor using garden decor.

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Unique Garden Statues

Coming in shapes & sizes of all type unique garden statues can be fun & whimsical or serious & refined. It depends on what type of garden you have. If designing a garden an easier design in my opinion are beautifully unique garden statues, green grass land with green  shrubs without  the complication of caring for flowers; Accent with paving stones for roads & borders.

Unique garden statues can come in other mediums besides stone; like wood or alabastate plastic. Make sure you are mindful of the long term care of the ladder two though. Say for wood, whether to have a natural stain found in an oriental type garden. or wood settling naturally with the outside environment with moss.

And as for plastic like alabastate. Keeping it out doors presents challenges: like slimy green moss and dirt. And cleaning & sanitizing without damaging the the plastic or fading the color.

Building & Architectural Salvage Yards:

Why I recommend statues from there? Because their cheaper that's why? And obviously stand the test of time and weather conditions. Especially useful if one  needs a garden center piece but don't want to put a major investment on buying brand new. Or if you need a certain look that can only be achieved in weathered statues rather than new.

I've heard that gnomes are the popular things for the garden. Though they do come in many colors and even old English style you may find garden gnomes too cliquish. But their sure are decorative stone piece that can be used for the garden. And their are also broken statues that can look artistically correct if they look right & fit your garden decorum. I'm certain if adventurous you can visit construction sites to find statues that could be used for your garden.

Garden Statues a gift...

Surprise. Surprise gift. A home coming gift. Or something for you & the kids to make together, for mothers day for instance, to put into the garden! To create you need a statue mold and the right cement mix to create your own custom garden statues. Or go to a pottery  or ceramic store & buy plain statues for the kids can paint over & create to put into the garden.

A garden statue can be a beautiful house warming gift. Many could be too heavy to carry though. The easy to hand over to present as gifts are light weight statues of course. Their are also crafty ways in making your garden statues light weight by having a hollow mold or making beautifully customized garden medallions, to name a few examples.

To Make all weathered garden statues for friends, family, neighbors.

I was thinking of making quick garden statues. But I have to admit that it's not as easy as I have envisioned it to be. I'm thinking, the right concrete or liquid molding material with a simple cast mold. Dry, & that's it.

However one must consider the elements if the statue is to stay outside. Especially where I am in the northern hemisphere where it can get very cold & dry in the winter which can cause cracks if you are using concrete to create your statue. Or else for some climates like dry & sunny,foggy & damp can effect the look of the surface of the statue. Maybe it's to your desired effects or maybe not.

I decided to write my response because garden statues (or lawn sculptures) made with wood, stones of all kinds, even metals can have either disastrous effects when interacting with weather & cleaning solutions, or it may be what you had desired to give an aged used look, you choose.

A review of what to consider when creating your own garden statues:

a) What molding materials to use?: For example if using concrete you may need to consider that cracks will show up when exposed to freezing temperatures or other weather conditions

b) Type of molds to use: a latex plaster mold, cast mold or clay carving. I prefer statue cast molds that are hollow inside to make the statues lighter. But I say go see an expert on cast molding statues. They even have cast molding kits to purchase to get you started.

My simplest way to making garden statues:

is to make them medium to small.

b) Making sure the concrete or whatever liquid casting materials is mixed well & test for air bubbles.

c) When pouring pour steadily & carefully making sure the liquid casting reaches every crease of the statue mold. Or if more solid  clay like material the same applies.

It will probably take a day or two to dry. And you'll probably cure it in the oven to seal it. Note: types of casting materials bring different effects when dry so when searching for a liquid or molding casting material see a sample of what that material looks & feels like when dry.

Quick purchases on Garden Statues & Water Fountains!

Here are some that are especially chosen here. I'm very conscientious about what statues & fountains to choose that are best for what you are searching for. After getting to know my visitors & what their are searching for it's safe to say that you know what you want.

Sanitation & Water Fountains

Hay! Don't forget to sanitize. Keep the green/ black slime & dirt off your center piece. You must keep your fountains clean weather out door or indoor fountains. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen poorly kept fountains! Dirty, water calcium stains & build up, slimy algae.

Of course I speak also of the plug in portable water fountains which causes the problems mentioned above because of it's constant recycling of the same water over & over. Here are some practical tips to maintain & keep your water fountains clean:

Drop a table spoon of bleach into the water while the fountain is running to keep slime & algae out.

If you want a natural way of cleaning the fountain use vinegar instead.

Some fountains are made of plastics which can wear away. Or stones which can react strongly to chemicals in cleaners changing it's appearance. Certainly not a desirable look in either case.

So consult your buyer or manufacturing instruction on proper cleaning your fountain. Please stick to the cleaning instructions! Always stick to instructions.

<!--For most water fountains just plain water and a pressure sprayer is all you need. Be careful when using hot water.-->

For instance some metals in stone or bronze reacts violently to natural or man made house hold cleaners: Like being aware of stones with copper in it which can react and turn green. It's good to consider this.

Their are natural cleaners to use on water fountains to preserve the look of the stone, clay, metal or acrylic polymer like alabastate.

For me. I would more likely get an acrylic or alabastate. In this case I would worry about when using bleach removing the color of the fountain, so use vinegar don't scrub too hard. Use a soft rag & wipe. Every month or so. I think it's the best bet to keep the "New" look of the fountain a lot longer. For the inside bowl part  use common household bleach with lots of water like 1 part bleach to 12 parts water let stand for 10 minutes to kill bacteria & germs. Rise thoroughly.

Strongly consider using bleach or even ammonia (but  not too much) if you will wash from the inside of the fountain. Theirs bird poop & other things that carry diseases. You know what I mean! Bark? Bark?

More than Just Statues!

Here is a unique take to the unique home decor for what I call a living area entrance before the garden. I'm talking about a space between the living & the garden out side. A cross between a  sitting lounge & a garden like an indoor foyer garden.

Quite creative and unique. A transition space to flow into the garden. (It might of had been heard of before but it is unique and the decorating possibilities are fantastic so I'm going for it!)

Think in that living space cushioned Japanese benches made for the indoors. Smooth stones in an oblong glass vase with bamboo plants; maybe a tranquil quiet water fountain, more couches with cushion: the main focus will be the window & doors that lead to the view to the garden. And can close shut during winter, keeping the warm air while having a near panoramic view of the out side.

Imagine with friends having a warm Christmas holiday with the view of the snow outside. Of course the window installations should be professionally installed. The point is to have a lounge area that keeps the cold out in the winter & a cool spot for the summer months. And of course maybe a statue facing your garden as a center piece.

Garden statues aren't the only things avid gardeners would like in their cherished garden. Not everybody likes garden statues or maybe not too outlandish an idea like the natural living entrance I described. However a design of a water fountain can be the  theme of an entire gardens design. Garden trellis, or garden arbor,added to your garden decor could be what people may favor the most in their garden.

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