Happy Memorial Day. Summer memorial sale, bbq grillware & other unique gifts.

So a unique twist to the memorial day sale can be whatever is in stock on the inventory. Going unique? Find something bright & unexpected, cheery and certainly wonderful unique gifts to look at. Their are the latest bbq grillwares everywhere now a days: silicone high heat resistant is the norm, not your fathers  metal, wood & bristles anymore.

High tech can be found with digital thermometer cooking the meat, poultry, vegetables & everything you want to perfection. And while grilling kids, teens, other adults in their fun and sun activities parading around without a care in the world. I just go around my neighborhood in Inwood & find bans, veterans, flower reefs placed at military memorials. It's a lot of fun.

> > Day of Memorial To Remember.

This Memorial Sale...

Getting to a memorial sale this Memorial Day can be an arduous process now a days. 'And I can say a process' considering many are willing to stand in line in the wee hours of the morning: My suggestions are 1) You can catch the stores online sale which will be a lot convenient.

2)If possible call the store in advance & put the item you want on layaway before the Memorial Day sale start. If you have to stand at the  store or mall waiting for  the latest deal see if you can do what is suggested in #'s 1) & 2) on your smartphone or Iphone. Maybe purchase before you have to crash into the store or mall. That way if the products are not there in person you already layaway or purchase before you got to the store

BBQ Grillware

I realized people can be attached to the bbq grillware they have. It's even been passed on through generations! But it great to get with the new. Why? Better cooking experiences, no rust on your food, no grilling tools falling apart. And they have very adequate do-the-job-right barbecue accessories & some with very fun condiments to try.

However if you are not going to let go of your weapons of combat at  the grill it is always suggested to thoroughly clean your utensils, don't leave them in water to prevent rust or wood decay, or better yet... Theirs nothing wrong with having the same exact brand & name  of your grillware if it makes you an efficient job at your grilling. Vintage, fathers or grand father grilling tools are still being produced today.

Fun kids & adult  toys for Summer.

Their the "splish splash slide" crocodile ride, water sprinklers, water guns, large puzzle games everybody from kids to elderly adults spend the afternoon. Portable pools, soccer, badminton, volleyball, playing barefoot in the grass, sun bathing. Their are all type of new summer toys  for families together, science & learning projects that are great unique gifts like making sun jars that glow in the dark at night. Activities all can play.

My Memorial Day

I cook generally with my four sisters on Memorial Day & are planning to use the badminton set I bought from CVS/Pharmacy store. I like going to CVS because they have some exciting summer theme items, (word) all that stuff to say go for a drive & pick up on the  way to the beach type items. It's fun...

Are we planning to have a indoor or an outdoor bbq? I do not know it's been raining lately in NYC so it could be a gloomy memorial day, I'll keep you posted.

Of course their  a lot going on in NY but that will have to take another website to tell it all.

and last words...

Well. You must remember Memorial day is to remember.  So give to a great cause in memory of someone or a war veterans, and donations. you can also donate to a worthy cause, my wallet. But don't worry besides  helping me make a living you will be able to get really fine  gifts.

It's 10:01 pm Tuesday May 22nd, watching abc dancing with the stars, crazy neighbors banging at my wall, half asleep, at school, need to complete homework assignments. But I'm resentfully sure people  with more responsibilities are having a goodlier time than me! And are planning to light up a fire cracker on their shoe! HOT FOOT! (oh did I not mentioned that my neighborhood has it's share of eccentrics...)

Happy Memorial Day to Everybody & don't buy the illegal fire crackers!

> > Day of Memorial To Remember.