Making Unique Thank You Gifts like get well gifts...

Unique thank you gifts like get well gifts? Now you're probably thinking... Stephanie, what do you mean a bout that? Now one think “Unique thankyou gifts”.... It's not like get well gifts with a brightly colored card, a present,or flowers. It is no giant get well card with funny poem of sarcasm printed on it to make people laugh...Get well gifts is given to people who are sick or in the hospital. How about, Thank you gifts maybe, (from my perception) can have the same message or light as giving a get well gift?

How about thank you gift for someones well being? A coupon for a spa treatment, a coupon for a brand of Dead sea salt spa products that are very popular that everybody wants...(covets). How about a thank you gift to something everybody wants or needs. Thank you gifts everybody wants or Thank you gifts that go towards people patronage back to the organization, company, charitable organization. For example:

The unique thank you gift... “sumthing, sumthing, sumthing...” thats resulting in people giving back money or volunteer time or patronage to the company.

A gift card from The AIDS foundation to a specialty store which when you spend more than the gift card 25 cents goes to AIDS research of course this is an example...

Or Free LUSH cosmetic sample with a coupon towards the purchase of LUSH products. “If you love it buy it” with a discount...

The thank you gift doesn't always have to lead to return patronage but should always be like the light of the get well gift.

So when you think of unique thank you gifts you think of...'Thank you for coming to our wedding'; 'Thank you for coming to our baby shower'; Thank you for coming to our corporate outing', Thank you for supporting our cause: for say AIDS research, for fund raising projects   neighborhood  or work related. 'Thank you for 10 years of being part of the team, 'Thank you for 10 years of outstanding service. Office unique thank you gifts for coming to a grand opening of a store or business. But it should be in the light of a get well gift. To make people feel better, to make it personal to the. To have the feel... 'this is mine'.

"Thank you for coming to our Wedding!" Unique thank you gifts for wedding.

Edible chocolate boxes with edible treasures inside. The gift will be wrapped in a satin sash with the bride & grooms name and wedding date. How about a tiny bouquet of realistic flowers made of chocolate or realistic flowers made from fruity candy inside of a oval shaped clear container it says on top the bride & grooms name & wedding date.

A small package maraschino cherry & exotic fruit drinks (non-alcoholic) for your guests. Other unique thank you gifts before the guest part from your wedding day are layered petit fours in a tall rectangular container a satin bow on top & a beautiful card that the guest can detach and read as they delightfully finish the cakes. The card can be 3D of a blooming flower; It can be a card that is embossed with other flowery or fancy design with gold lettering of the  bride & grooms name and their wedding day – inside parting words of thank you well wishes. In the spirit of your unique thank you gifts being like the get well gift the gifts should make the people feel good when they receive it. They don't have to be food items they can be small jewelry for men or women or unisex.

They can be a small CD of some footage or photos that would otherwise not be seen (maybe individualized CD's of photos of the very guest at the wedding! That no one else has except the guest. Each CD has the name of each guest.). Bottles with exotic stuff like lotion with gold in it or less expensive feather pens w/ a card attached with silver string, one can go according to wedding theme or not. So choose those small parting gifts that you think will make your guests jump for joy when they receive them.

Next the Unique thank you gifts for your baby shower...

Can be short & sweet. Meaning simple like a mom to be's favorite food item in miniature size to give away: Cracker jax balls wrapped in a bow. How about something provocative, small little bottles that blow scented bubbles, designer perfume scented bubbles , erotic fragrance scented bubbles, chocolate bubbles or butterscotch flavored bubbles... The thank you card can said 'Thanks for going to the baby shower'. One can also have thee thankyou card be a unique thankyou gift; small 3D cards of flowers, babies or anything cute can be very pretty. The idea is keeping the unique gift small & personal.

Remember unique thnakyou gifts for the baby shower are all about the blessed child thats coming into the world. Small keep sakes are nice & if you're going to invite children you can hand out cup cake lip balm which you can find at our online store, or a small novelty  of which we have variety of novelty's also at our online store. Or a small parting gift that help other mothers have healthy babies, something like a gift donation to the March of Dimes or,(an international organization helps mothers & children) support the effort to give childhood vaccines to under developed countries. That's a nice way to give back & feel good that someones baby even in a developing country can live to see their first birthday.

Social Causes, Unique thank you gifts that call for action...

Certainly a piggy bank with notches that indicate how much money needed for say: to feed 'this many people' to redeem later for an incentive gift... The piggy bank can be an incentive gift its self that allows you to program say how much money I need to: 'get my new bike' or 'vacation to...', & how much money left is needed. A parting gift of thankyou for donating, volunteering, to their cause. Not bad as unique school fund raiser gifts huh.

Or remember the gift card idea for American AIDS Foundation where every time you spend a certain amount a portion of the proceeds to that cause. Maybe 'box tops' proceeds for education to raise monies for school using gift cards. These ideas can also be used for other causes.

My unique thankyou gift to you...

is to bottle the sunshine & give it to people. Like a warm hug of the sun right up close. The unique thank you gifts as well being gifts are good gifts that will make a positive impression on your patrons, guests, contributors, & philanthropist you are trying to make an impression to.

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