CarLashes novelty for 2010?

Yeah. What unique gifts for women would not include CarLashes? Surprisingly it's not that far fetch. In fact more & more us girls are femme pimping their rides with tings like these! It all started with watching the evening news & a short on these unique gifts.I think they were the cutest thing since Hurby the bug! Certainly for the eclectic type she would love 'em...

Makes Great Unique Graduating Gifts!

So you have a creative teen who is sun shiny & free, artistic, or "ghetto fabulous" so the case, and doesn't mind pimping her girly style on her ride then CarLashes maybe a great unique gifts for her. They are sooo cute. I think it makes the car like a princess. Fitting for the girl of any age who knows shes a princess.
Other unique car accessories for women as wacky as these Car Lashes and their complemented "bling eye liner" are unique car air fresheners, personalized car rims,(of course) & customized hood ornaments...if you dare.

Car Eye Liner? What will they think of next! updated April 2014.

The few message boards that comments were made about Car Lashes are mixed. Some thought it was as tacky as pink fuzzy dice on a rv mirror. Others say it's a waste of the luxurious look of a good car. But those who love their femininity, their is no hesitation to personalize the closest thing of self expression, their ride!

So that's it for now with Unique Gifts for Women.

CarLashes? For me, if I am in a mood, because I'm a creative type, Yeah! I can think also of other decorative auto accessories for the  car that no one really thinks of, or might of thought of already! 3D artistic design car stripes, hologram non adhesive car stickers. Hay how about a male counter part- Eye brows for cars! CarBrows for the guys. Hay! What do you think of that :D

Written by:Stephanie Thomas - Beginning of Fall 2010

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