Non Alcoholic 21st Birthday Gifts.

Overview on Non Alcoholic 21st Birthday Gifts:

To hone in to the request from my audience to write about non alcoholic 21st birthday gifts, or to have 21st birthday gifts non alcoholic by nature, here it is. These birthday presents though not expensive are fun to give & to receive. Here are , with bells & whistles to boot!

Cute electronic gifts...

And specialized accessories like customized i-pod covers to go along with that i-pod. Waky looking USB computer speakers. Personalized skins; is an example of non alcoholic 21st birthday gifts.


Is mostly download as a MP3/MP4/and i-tunes these days. But if you can give a music CD or LP it would be a great gift. There is nothing like giving gifts by hand. If it's a niche gift like a CD, LP or 45 in a genre that's rare like particularly straight from Jamaica's reggae scene; or other genre where they still do it the old fashioned way that will be great (Music to itunes as birthday present) giving a music card.

Lastly giving an itune gift card or other music gift card in a decorative box or envelope is great too.

Here are some more non alcoholic 21st birthday gifts outlined here:

Board games like Pictionary ™ are great for party games. A fun blast is enjoyed by everyone.

Also Gift Promotions for food with friends.

Sure it's nice to save a buck. Restaurants are more than willing for group discounts if it to bring more people. But if you want to avoid the risk of alcohol rent out the space for a few hours with favorite restaurant foods and non alcoholic drinks

Movie theaters have special promotions too...

For groups. Just call ahead of time to see if their are deals available. See national movie theater franchises like AMC or Lowes theaters etc. For group discounts, gift cards, to save money.

There we go! We have here some non alcoholic 21st birthday gifts that are not too expensive and accommodate the lifestyle of someone who more likely is in college and needs a break. There is more where this has come from. The 21st birthday gifts page is all dedicated to non alcoholic birthday gifts & presents.

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