Insightful & Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas.

Brainstorming Wedding Gift Ideas.

So what are your wedding gift ideas? Are they to be inspiring? Are they financially beneficial?

All weddings are special. Whether they are simple small wedding gatherings that are intimate, less expensive, simpler in decor without complications. Or if it's a grand wedding with hundreds of guests, large venues, elaborate decor, and food that will accommodate many people. And how about giving a lot of wedding gifts for guests that many people? 

In reality a wedding is not just to present  the bride & groom. Remember it's also for the bride and the groom to make their families, friends and invites as comfortable as possible. Which you probably can imagine and had seen the stress the bride & groom go through; not to mention the strain on the budget. Take these into consideration the type of wedding gift ideas and what gifts to buy:

So whats in a unique wedding gift idea ...

Wedding registries in  popular retail websites have been the thing for awhile. Their are some wedding gifts that are affordable that can be bought from the list. But what if it's some type of expensive designer item thats out of your budget? What do you do?  Here are some suggested wedding gift ideas.

One suggestion is to find  the same designer brand name in an auction or closeout sale (Internet is preferred, but off line can be very helpful too.). Another Idea: I know someone that what she did was buy the same tea kettle design in another less expensive brand name. There are many items that look exactly like the designer original. If it's just the right detail, almost identical,if not important(and it's not absolutely important to get the designer original.) no one will know the difference. 

clshearin/Crystal Leigh

Frugal aside there are beautiful wedding gift ideas that can be bought on a budget. People are even trading in  beautiful even expensive things; easiest way is to look at your geographic area in Google Maps. A helpful keyword to use is “Unique Wedding Gifts”. Vintage designer items don't always have to be expensive yet it's accessible on a budget like the vintage gifts found in If money is no object my suggestion is if you can find the same brand cheaper at another place. Go for it! Why waste money like water?

More Wedding Gift Ideas...

I've been searching and researching and found some interesting articles for wedding gifts. I consider these articles the traditional list and the modern list of what gifts to buy. I'm partial to the modern list because it has more to do with needs than wants. The modern needs oriented list are getting to be more prevalent as people are going for what's more important and are more social conscious. 

The other is a traditional but not so expected list. It's a very short list that gets back to the essentials of what is needed for the wedding couple. I think it a good list because it addresses the desires of the couple to have something pricey yet it make sense to purchase. More info is on for the traditional and for MSN latest wedding article - 7 alternative wedding registry ideas.

So what about separate gifts for the bride and separate gifts for the groom? Well if you know their personalities well then you can figure out which wedding gift idea(s) make the best gift(s). Remember it must be a gift that they would appreciate, use and enjoy. If you keep that “strictly” in mind the bride or groom will love it.

If you are not personally equated with the bride or the groom  hear are some wedding gift ideas to consider. For the bride buy something that she can use, maybe something for their first baby perhaps: A savings bond is quite useful. Or an appropriate personalized gift with a wedding poem inscribed on it. A nice book or a book set, personal care products, nothing too sexy & personal, like an expensive fragrant Dead Sea salt spa treatment set for example, or gift certificate for shopping or beauty. Something she needs.

The same goes with the groom something he will need.  An cufflink set, a pen set, office items – vintage paper weight gifts, music, 2 tickets to an event, and the tried and true money in a nice wedding card to put it in.

Not just wedding favors: Unique Groomsmen Gifts & Unique Bridesmaids Gifts. 

First Unique Bridesmaids Gifts.

Hilde Vanstraelen -

This is more for the bride and groom to figure out. However family and friends can lessen the stress by contributing ideas. Small, beautiful and tasteful gifts are the ideas and can also be on a budget. 

Unique bridesmaid gifts bag could consist of things the bride would cherish. An idea can be a theme of the traditional custom of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.

An example: something old – an antique rose, something new - (something for the bridesmaids) , something borrowed – (something to put on the bride), something blue -  an embroidered handkerchief with bride & grooms initials. 

These are just examples but you get the idea. Other unique bridesmaid gifts are giving thank you cards with brooches; jeweled roses , whatever is nice can be thought of. Small, sweet and personal are bridesmaid gifts.

Last but not lease Unique groomsmen gifts.

Unique groomsmen gifts for example would be large coffee cups with handkerchief's, cufflinks, silver golf tees and custom inscribed lighters inside. Something formal and sophisticated especially for professionals. After all in most cases weddings are formal occasions.

However informal weddings are becoming popular. Beach side weddings with the bride & groom in their flip flops. Sky diving wedding if you could believe it. And scuba diving nuptials.

In these cases unique groomsmen gifts should not be hard to figure out; have small gifts that are based on the theme of the wedding. An  example of a small gift bag is a seaside candle with mini soap and spa treatment. It will have a manly fragrance of course. Or a necklace that will remained them of the ocean.

Like bridesmaid gift bags the groomsman gifts can be combination of small tokens of appreciation. Like engraved silver money clips with the bride & groom inscription.

Hay! Remember it's the bride & groom's day, nice small tokens nothing too big! And that goes for some of the ingrates who are in the bridle party & the groomsman who think they must get the really special stuff!

Most people are just there for the bride & groom happiness and  that's how it should be right? Right? Right. 

More Memories for your Wedding Photo Albums.

More ideas will be contributed to this page. But you can use some of the ideas also  for bridal shower gifts and anniversary gift ideas. These days needs out weighs wants in most cases. The bride & groom needs all the help they could get; if appropriate to do so.

If the wedding theme is “the life styles of the rich & famous” on a budget, the fake it until you make it, the list from should help you with wealth like stuff on a budget.

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